Do you like wine? Well, many people do like this exclusive beverage, indeed. However, wine is special thing that you can’t just drink right away. You have to do wine tasting first before really savoring it.Tasting it is not only about sipping or savoring it. You will have to observe with your eyes, smell with your nose, etc. too. However, everything has order. So, here we will tell you 5 steps that you really need to follow in order, to do the tasting. Each step is meant for something. So, you definitely can’t skip even one of them.

See the Color of Your Wine in the Glass

First of all, observation is the most important thing you need to do. Of course, you need to pour the wine in the glass before you begin to observe. What we mean by observation here is to see the color of the wine in the glass. If what you pour is red wine, the color might range from maroon, purple, ruby, garnet, red, to even brownish. However, if it is white wine, the color might be clear, golden, light green, pale yellow, etc. This first step for tasting wine is meant for certain thing, of course.

Did you know? By seeing the color, you will get to learn the variety and the age of the wine. If you are knowledgeable about wine, you can tell even tell the type of the grapes that is used to make it, how its concentration of the flavor is, and in what climate the wines grown and made. This just shows how significant it is to see wine’s color first than anything when doing wine tasting. Also, it is fun to learn about the thing we are going to drink. We can then know how valuable it is after all.

Tilt and Swirl Your Wine in the Glass

Once you are done seeing the color of the wine, it will be the time for you to move on to the next step. This time, you need to tilt the wine in your glass a bit. Then, be sure to swirl it a little too. As it was said above, doing things like this means something to taste the wine. Did you know? The things we have to do in this second step will help us enhance the flavor as well as natural aroma of the wine. This is something that you won’t get by just drinking the wine right away. So, don’t leave it.

However, how can tilting and swirling wine in the glass help us that far? Of course, there is explanation to it. Need to be known, both actions above are intended to aerate the wine. Aerating the wine will then result in the production of oxidizing effect. As a result, the wine’s flavor and natural aroma are enhanced. See? This step is not simple actions that mean nothing to wine. That is why you need to follow this step so that you get to taste the true flavor and aroma of the wine.

Quick Whiff and Deep Smell the Wine

You must have enhanced the aroma of the wine if you have done the second step of wine tasting above. Now, the next thing you need to do is simply to analyze the smell of the wine. To do so, you will have to do quick whiff to the wine after you swirled it a little. By doing so, you will get the first impression of the wine’s aroma. However, this step does not stop only here. You will have to smell it deeply after that. Just stick your nose close to the wine in your glass and inhale the aroma deeply.

That way, you can get the second impression that must give you stronger aroma of the wine. Did you know? Wine’s aroma has always been the best indicator for you to check out the quality and the characteristics that wine has. Well, wine itself has various nice aromas that you might be able to notice once you smell it. Wine can smell like oak, berry, flowers, vanilla, citrus, etc. They are nice aromas to smell in beverages, indeed. That is why it is easy for people to get addicted to wine.

Sip and Slurp the Wine to Taste the Aroma

Once you are done smelling the aroma, the next step requires you to finally take a taste of the wine. Of course, there is proper way even in doing so. First than anything, you will have to take a sip from it. Let the wine inside your mouth before it goes to the throat. Then, give a second try by slurping the wine instead of sipping it. By doing it, you will be able to taste wine’s flavor fully because it makes the wine continue being oxidized. Surely, the taste would be so satisfying on your tongue.

How about give it a third try then? This time, we suggest you to get the wine inside your mouth and breathe some air from your lips. This way, you can make the wine mix with the air. Doing things like this will make the flavor taste better in wine tasting. That is why it is worth to give this step some tries. Just like wine having various aromas, it also has various flavors. By doing this step, you will also get to know how long the flavor will last once swallowed. It differs from wine to another after all.

Swish Wine Through and Savor the Taste

After you did some sipping and slurping, you can finally get to enjoy wine to the fullest in the last step we have here. This time, try to swish the wine through the mouth then. This action should make your taste buds notice all sorts of things contained in the wine, like the fruit, acidity, and even alcohol. There are various kinds of wine too. Some of them can even give special sensation when you swish them through your mouth. Really, you get to feel various things by just doing proper tasting.

So, do you feel satisfied for tasting the wine yet? Surely, by doing those things above, you should be able to make the tip of your tongue detect the wine’s sweetness. You should be able to notice its level as well for one wine differs to another. Now that you are done tasting, you can just swallow and savor the taste of the wine. The higher the quality, the longer the taste remains on your tongue. This is it. These are what you need to follow for wine tasting.

Description: Wine tasting should be done in proper way with 5 steps in order. Starting from observing the color to finally savor the liquid, the procedure is there for you to better taste the wine.

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