In this world, we have 5 great continents which are Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, and America. Each of them comes with different customs from the small custom to the great one like cultures. Here, we will not talk many about it because we will talk about culinary. Among those continents, the one which is considered as the special culinary is the culinary which comes from Asia. There are also many foods which exist in Asia but now, we will talk about the most characterized food in Asia which is Asian spices. Why do Asian spices attract many great interests from other continents? Let us talk more about it now.

Compared to other continents, the special part which comes from the Asia spices is surely the taste. As we now, in Asia, there are some special regions like Indonesia which can only provide certain seasonings which cannot be found in the other continents. The combinations of these seasonings provide more characterized taste in the spice itself. Fortunately, many people from the other continents like Europe and America are fond of the taste of this seasoning and this is the taste which makes these spices become really renowned around the world.

Talking about the spice itself, the ingredients which make the food become really favorable also comes from various places. The choices which exist for the seasonings of spices are like cassia, basil, corander, cloves, cilantro, galangal, garlic, lemongrass, turmeric, ginger, cumin, star anise, and spearmint. Each of those seasonings is not from one country but those are the sum up of all seasonings which are used. The other combinations which are also given in the food is like kimchis, sambals, and curry powders. Those combinations really make a fine taste in the tongue which will make the eater never forget the taste.

Varieties of Asian Spices

As I have mentioned before, those seasonings are the sum up numbers of all spice which can be found in Asia. When we talk in small scale, the seasonings will be divided according to some country which becomes the leading Asian spices. In the first part itself, we get the Chinese food which has the spices created from the Chile peppers, Sichuan peppercorns, and red chili oil. Most of the Chinese food will have those seasonings and commonly, the taste will create certain characters which will make the spicy taste become the identity of spice food itself.

In another part, we get the Indian cuisine which is also fond of spicy foods. The Indian spices also come with different part when it comes in the spices too. The seasonings from India are considered as really spicy choices as it uses the strong seasoning like saffron, masala, and asafetida. Many westerners love to have Indian spices when it comes to winter as it can provide them fine warmth in the body and mouth. The level spiciness is really amazing that you may get a diarrhea when your stomach is not compatible with the burning taste from the Indian spices.

When we move to the east again, we get the spices from Korean which comes with combination of fermented vegetables which are often called as Kimchis. This kimchis has a fair spicy taste. There are many varieties of vegetables which are fermented to create this kimchi. The kimchi may be considered as the obliged spices which exist in Korea because most of the meals will be companied with kimchi. In Japanese, the spices focus on the seasonings it but they do not really emphasize the spice taste as they have to utilize their main source of food, which is the ocean. So they often have the seaweed, lotus root, and the bamboo shoots which become the main companion in enjoying spices.

As we move further to the southern Asia, we find the varieties of taste from Thailand. The Asian spices from this region are the combination of spices which come with fish sauce. The fish is somehow fermented here and then, it will be combined with the spice ingredients. In the taste, the spicy taste sometimes gets along with the faint sour taste. The spice from Thailand is not really popular among westerners because most of them consider the sour taste in the spices as something which is weird.

In the last part, the sambals from Indonesia do provide a more characterized taste. There are many varieties of spices too which is given in Indonesia. The peppers, chili, and gingers are the most common seasoning which is given in this spice. The characters which come from these spices are the fragrant of the gingers and peppers. Those fragrances do make a good tempting smell in the air. The most common foods which are served with these seasonings are Gulai, Tongseng, and many more. Those spices are often eaten with rice to reduce the strong taste from the peppers and chili.

Spices Blends

The taste of the real spices itself can be mixed with other. There are also some blends which are divided according to its region. First, the eastern Asian spices comes with the strong blends from the bean seasonings, Japanese seven spices, Chinese five spices, teriyaki blend, and hoisin sauce blend. Those are the combinations which commonly come with spicy and sweet taste together with strong spicy taste for sure. The southern blend comes with the strongest taste of spices which are dominantly led by the curry seasoning. The ingredients which are commonly used for the strong taste are like masalas and coconut as it makes strong smell in the food.

Southeastern Asia is the home of the hot sauces called sambal. In this region, as I have mentioned before, it is characterized by its special seasonings which are warm and spices. Sometimes the sambal is also combined in the curry menus to give even stronger spicy taste. The best Asian spices actually come from this region because it has high varieties of ingredients to create various taste of spices. It comes with a sour and spicy taste, sometimes it can comes with sweet and spicy taste, and many more taste are acquired because the richness of ingredients can provide a wider range of experiments in making a new taste of spices.

As you can see, with the high varieties of ingredients and taste, we should not doubt that the Asian spices become one of the most favorable spices in the world. The taste which exists in the other continents has been considered similar because most of the country does not have the special ingredients like in Asia. Now, as you have understood more, let us learn more again in making a spices.

Description: Asian spices come with better tastes compared to other spices because they have many special seasonings that can only be found in their region.

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