As the biggest country in South Asia, India is rich in cultural aspects. One of those aspects is food. Indian foods are famous for its authentic, unique, and notable taste. All thanks to Indian Spices that bring strong and unique taste to Indian foods. The spices are native Indian plants and elements that have been used in Ancient era. Let’s find out more about Indian Traditional Spices.

  1. Cardamom

Green and black cardamoms are Indian Natural Spices people commonly used for cooking. Green cardamom brings sweet and light taste with a mild note of eucalyptus. You can blend green cardamom with garam masala. If you want to add green cardamom into desserts or sweet, make sure that you have popped the pod. Crush the fragrant black seeds lightly before using it. For the black cardamom, the taste it brings is different. It is very smoky and powerful. Make sure to be very careful when you use it. Pull the black cardamom first before you serve it for your dish. It is very spicy when you bite.

  1. Clove

Indian Spices are various but some of them are commonly used for various dishes. It is clove, one of the common spices in Indian dishes. It is famous for its anise notes. The flavor is strong and close to medicinal flavor. Clove’s essential oils bring the medicinal flavor. Its forms are like flowers with a lot of oil that must be dried before using it for your Indian dish. On the other hand, you can use it either blended into mixes of spice or whole into your dish. Make sure that you use it carefully as clove can overpower more delicate spice. Kerala Coconut Chicken Curry is one of Indian dishes that use Clove as the ingredient.

  1. Chilies and Chili Powder

Indian Dishes sometimes can be spicy and hot. The main Traditional Spices of India that take important role in this taste are chilies and chili powder. Indians know chilies as mirchi, that brings the World’s hottest flavor. Dark green chilies, instead of the red ones, are much hotter. What about the size? Is the big chili hotter than the smaller one? No. The small and pointed chilies are hotter than the bigger and more rounded chilies. Make sure that you handle chilies with care when you are about to use it for cooking so you can measure the taste. Chili, furthermore, is used to make the hot vindaloo curries. Besides chilies, chili powder also brings the spicy and hot sensation for your food. It is made from chili’s hottest part: ground seeds that have been dried.

  1. Cayenne Pepper (Lal Mirch)

Capsicum family like chili and sweet pepper contributes in giving spicy and hot sensation in Indian food. As you have meet chili, here is the other one of Indian Traditional Spices that gives you hot and spicy taste; Cayenne pepper. Seeds of capsicum family are gathered to make this spice. Cayenne pepper is rich in pro-vitamin A and beta-caroten. You can tell from its bright red color. Even though it is not as hot as chili or chili powder, still you should be very careful with it so you can measure the taste.

  1. Cassia Bark

This is an interesting spice which is also famous as Chinese cinnamon. Producing cassia takes less production budget. Therefore, Indians prefer to use cassia in cooking their dishes. The flavor is mild and cassia can be used in large cooking quantities. The texture is tree bark-like with roughness. Rub a little bit of it on your fingers and you can check its freshness. The cinnamon fragrance shows its freshness. That’s why it is easy to distinguish cassia bark among the other Indian Spices. You can use it to cook Paneer Mughlai Curry. Use less cassia bark when you take it as cinnamon’s substitute. It will deliver more intense flavor of cinnamon.

  1. Cumin

Some of Indian dish has smoky note. It all thanks to cumin that can be used both in spice mixes and whole. The ridged brown seeds are distinctive and have intense fragrance. You may be confused to differ it from anise seeds, caraway, and fennel. However, cumin has brown color which is different to green fennel. The taste of cumin is smoky that is different to a stronger licorice taste. For more intense flavor, use this one of Indian Natural Spices as it is freshly ground. It is also easy to burn that brings noticeable taste to your dish. You can use cumin to cook Rajmah Chawal or Red Kidney Bean Curry with Rice.

  1. Coriander

Do you know what the world’s oldest spice? It is one of Indian Spices: Coriander. It has gently ridged texture and golden-yellow color. Citrus notes are presented in its aromatic seeds. As the oldest spice, people often use coriander as the base for many mixes of spice. Ground coriander becomes one of the popular ground spices in India. Make sure that the coriander ground has been dry-roasted before using it. Later, the seed will have a light golden-brown tinge as they start popping in the pan. Chicken Tikka Masala is one of Indian dishes that use coriander as the main ingredient.

  1. Saffron

If coriander is the oldest spice among Traditional Spices of India, Saffron is the world’s most expensive spice. Saffron is more valuable than gold by its weight. In producing saffron, the labors must pick it by their hand. It is the crocus flowers’s stigma with amazing taste. Saffron is originally from Kashmir, Spain, or Iran. Pick the dark-red colored saffron for the best result. The darker and deeper color also signify the freshness of the saffron. The honey and floral notes are always available in saffron. It completes saffron’s unique taste. Furthermore, saffron has an intense taste. Just a little bit of saffron, dissolve it in milk or warm water, and your Indian dishes will have stronger taste. Saffron is a perfect spice for Mango Lassi Frozen Yogurt with Pistachio Biscotti Bits.

  1. Cilantro

If you want to add some green touches and natural fragrance, you can add Cilantro into your Indian dishes. This one of Indian Traditional Spices is also known as Hara Dhaniya. Its fragrance is a mixture of citrus and parsley. It is a green plant with flat-leaved parsley-like leaves with distinctive taste: bitter but sweet. People often add cilantro into the dishes as a finishing touch. Therefore, the fresh aroma can be preserved. Cilantro is also used as garnishes for food.

Finally, those are nine spices of Indian Spices that you can take and add for your dishes. All of them have their own unique flavor, fragrance, and characteristic that brings more sensations to your food. Be careful in measuring the spices. Some of them are very strong in small amount. Wisely-taken measurement can ensure that your food will not be overpowered.

Description: Indian Spices are commonly used to add more power, taste, fragrance, and sensation in Indian Dishes. All of them have their own characteristics for food.

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