In many restaurants, we often foundĀ crab meat. It becomes one of the most favourite foods for some people because of the delicious taste. However, behind the delicious taste, there are many benefits of this food. What nutrients are included in it? What are the benefits that we can get from this food? Can we cook it at home with our own recipes? That is what we will discuss in this article. So, you should pay attention to the discussion below.

Nutrients of Crab Meat

There are many crab meat nutrients that you can find. Vitamins can be one of the most beneficial nutrients found in this healthy food. It contains high vitamin including B-12 that will be good for red blood where it can regulate red blood better. Besides that, vitamin B is also very useful for nerve cell function. Because of that, this food can meet your needs of vitamin especially B vitamins. That is why you have to plan eating this food regularly either at home or at a restaurant.

Minerals also become one of the nutrients that you can find in this healthy food. It also contains high mineral that functions as antioxidant. So, it can prevent you from various diseases. Besides that, it can also be useful for immunity. Another best function of mineral is related to thyroid function. Considering the needs of mineral in your body, eating crab meat can be a good idea. Of course, you have to cook and eat it rightly so that the nutrients will not lose.

Then, you can also find high protein in this healthy food. As we know, protein is one of the most needed nutrients in human body. This healthy food becomes one of the best sources of protein. Each 3 ounces are able to provide about 15 up to 20 grams of protein. It is very good for cells and muscles. In addition, protein can also helpful for metabolism. Different people may need different amount of protein. Anyway, eating this healthy food becomes one of the ways to fulfil it. And there are some other small nutrients contained in it.

Health Benefits of Crab Meat

After knowing the nutrients contained in this food, you need to know about crab meat benefits related to human health. One of the most useful benefits is for weight management. For your information, this food is low calorie. So, it will not make you fat even though you eat it every day. Even more, it does not contain carbohydrate. So, this healthy food is one of the safest and most recommended foods for you who have diet. With low calorie and various nutrients, it can be said that this becomes one of the healthiest foods to eat.

Besides that, the benefits can be also found related to cardiovascular and brain function. As it is mentioned before, crab meat is rich of vitamin B12. This vitamin is very useful to produce the cells of red blood that makes you healthier. Even more, it is also very good for your brain because vitamin B12 can support the function of brain. That is why it is recommended for kids. In addition, vitamin B12 found in this healthy food is very effective to lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. In conclusion, this food does not only improve your health but also protect you from diseases.

Types of Crab Meat

Before knowing the recipes, it will be better to know about the types of meat on crab. There are 4 types. The first is jumbo lump. It comes from swimmer fins of a crab. This will be good to add on some foods. For example, many people adding jumbo lump as salad topping. It will also be a good idea to add it on pastas. The second type is lump. It is the body meat of the crab that is smaller than jumbo lump. If you like it, I suggest you to make crab cakes with this lump. Besides delicious, it will also be very healthy.

The third type is back fin that consists of lump meat broken pieces mixed with body pieces. Similar to lump, it is also good for a crab cake with fine and ideal texture. The last one is claw meat. It comes with darker color. For the favor, it is less sweet compared to back fin and lump. If you want to cook with it, it will be a good idea to make soups and crab stuffed appetizers. Now, you know that crab meat has some types or parts and different types will be good for different foods.

Crab Meat Recipe Ideas

Crab can be found is some menus at many restaurants. However, it is also possible for you to cook crab with your own recipes. If you are interested in crab meat recipes, you can try the following ideas. It will be exciting. Firstly, if you like spaghetti, you can create crab spaghetti. To add the taste, you can consider adding lemon gremolata. Crab can also be used for fried rice. Juts make fried rice as usually and add pieces of crab. Make sure that the meat of crab has been cooked before so that it is cooked well and the taste will be delicious.

For you who like cakes, you can also try creating crab cakes. It will be much better with lime tartar sauce. Then, I also suggest you to make crab salad sweet potato chip. Of course it will be very delicious. You can also combine crab with stuffed salmon for you dish. The next recipe idea is to use crab for pasta. Of course the combination of pasta and crab will be very enjoyable. In addition, you can also create a cheesy crab burger, crab tacos, crab sandwich, crab cocktail, etc.

That is all about crab meat, a healthy food that tastes very delicious. You can enjoy eating crab as you want every day. That is why there are many people who love it even though the price is high enough. If you are also interested in it, you can cook crab at home by your own recipes.

Description: Crab meat does not only taste delicious but also contains many nutrients needed by human body. So, it is considered as one of the best healthy foods. You can enjoy it with your own recipes.

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